Explanatory Models for Psychosis among the Nandi of Kenya – Dr. Violet Naanyu

Dr. Violet Naanyu (PI), Dr. Caesar Atuire & Florence Jaguga

One of the best ways to get contextualized information on indigenous etiologies, treatment & localized responses to any illness is to engage local communities, providers, patients & families who have experienced illness. Using a participatory approach, this team hope to explore explanatory models (EMs) for psychosis in Nandi, Kenya. This study will be the first to explore all component parts of an (EM) for psychosis in Kenya. They include: 1) Explanation of origins of a condition; 2) Socio culturally prescribed treatment; 3) Meanings given to symptoms for every episode; 4) Explanations held by both patients & practitioners; 5) Reflections on the role played by specific cultures in EMs.