Mr. Bernard Adusei Akoto


Bernard is a trained lay-counsellor and telespychology personnel. He is also a beginner stock trader, financial analyst and is also involved in e-commerce.

Bernard’s research interests involve the various effects of religion on the various aspects of mental health, the role of psychology in national development, cognitive growth in children, the application of psychology in various fields such as technology, business, crime and religion. He is current expertise involve telepsychology/telemedicine, lay-counselling and psycho-social support, and research in psychology. He has had a one year experience in providing mental health services or psycho-social support to those in need of such services via telecommunication (phone calls, texts and video chats). He has also had some experience in assisting mental health professionals. His other special interests include entrepreneurship, finance, tourism, food sciences, fitness, video games and a lot more.

Bernard is Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Major) graduate of the University of Ghana and is currently aiming at acquiring further post-graduate degrees. He has successfully met the requirement of producing a thesis of his undergraduate and is a certified S.P.S.S (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) user. His thesis centred on the effects of different types of prayer on subjective well-being and autonomy amongst a selected sample of Ghanaians.