NeuroGenE generates research projects that explore the ethical challenges of diagnosis, prevention and interventions relating to psychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders at the global level. Due to the structure of the initiative, and the interdisciplinary nature of our collaborations, our projects vary in form and methodology. The research projects at NeuroGenE will gradually establish an empirical and theoretical evidence base that will function as a vital resource for developing practical advice and policy recommendations.

Current and completed research projects within NeuroGenE include:

Examining the Ethical Arguments for Establishing Immortalised Lymphoblastic Cell Lines in Kenya

This NIH Fogarty project is being co-led by Dr Dorcas Kamuya in Kenya and Prof. Ilina Singh in Oxford. In Kenya the team includes Ms Dorothy Chepkirui, Dr Patricia Kipkemoi, Dr Mary Bitta,…

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The Ethics for Mental Health Digital Innovation for Young People in Africa (EMDIYA) Network

  The Ethics for Mental Health Digital Innovation for Young People in Africa (EMDIYA) Network is a group of expert Academics, Advisors and Consultants, Industry partners, Early Career Researchers, and Young People all…

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Amplifying the Voices of Young People for Sustainable Development in Mental Health

Dr. Gabriela Pavarini, Prof Sheila Murta, Nico Ferrario, Gaston Gertner, and Lu Suárez Battán are collaborating on this project funded by the British Academy. This project aims to advance understanding of youth agency…

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A Roadmap Co-Created by Caregivers on Navigating the Mental Healthcare Streams in Ghana and Their Intrinsic Challenges: Terminology, Conceptualizations, and Resources

Dr. Caesar Atuire (PI), Prof Ilina Singh and Kiran Manku are collaborating on this project funded by AfOx. This project aims to support and empower families and caregivers in navigating pluralistic mental healthcare;…

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Neurogene Small Grant – An Exploratory Study to Understand the Attitudes Among Parents Towards Cognitive Enhancement Interventions to Address Cognitive Difficulties in Their Children

Dr. Jayashree Dasgupta (PI), Sangath, and Dr. Georgia Lockwood Estrin, Birkbeck University of London This research project aims to explore parental understanding of cognitive impairment and cognitive enhancement in children, in low and middle-income…

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Neurogene Small Grant – Frameworks of Attitudes Towards Mental Health Disorders in Contemporary Ghana

Dr. Caesar Atuire (PI), University of Ghana, with Dr. Lily Kpobi and Ms. Kiran Manku. This project aims to investigate if, and how, attitudes towards Psychosis in Ghana relate to the three main…

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Collaboration with Stanley Global Collections Initiative

The Stanley Global Collections Initiative on Neuropsychiatric Genetics in African Populations (NeuroGAP), consists of two scientific research projects, a training component (Global Initiative for Neuropsychiatric Genetics Education in Research – GINGER), and an…

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Research Vision

Kong, C., and Singh, I. (2018). The ethics of global psychiatric genomics: Multilayered challenges to integrating genomics in global mental health and disability—A position paper of the Oxford Global Initiative in Neuropsychiatric GenEthics…

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AEWG Case Studies

The Africa Ethics Working Group work on case study papers, below completed and ongoing manuscripts with the topics and lead author: Education vs Screening: A Case Study of the Use of Capacity to…

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AEWG Empirical Research Projects

Members of the African Ethics Working Group are conducting empirical research projects on the ground, the topics and lead authors are: Exploring views of lay members and providers on biobanking and use of…

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