Mr. Steven Tapi

EMDIYA YP - Zimbabwe

Stephen Tapi is a Community Adolescent Treatment Supporter (CATS) since 2014. He is part of the Zvandiri national advocacy team and is involved in sharing information, offering both standard and enhanced counselling and offering psychosocial support to Children, Adolescents, Young People Living with HIV (CAYPLHIV)He was a member of the Peer Advisory board from 2015 to 2019. The key role involved identifying community and health challenges for young people around all the communities and support groups, submitting information to the board. He is also the district facilitator for young people’s network where they share information about sexual reproductive heath issues  

He is passionate in music and he uses it as a tool of advocacy to peers. He has attended and participated in the ICASA 2015 one of the International conferences for CAYPLHIV.