Professor Sheila Murta

Associate Professor, University of Brasília

Professor Sheila Murta holds a Master degree in developmental psychology and a PhD degree in work and social psychology. I am interested in exploring connections between prevention science, translational research, and public policies. Over my career, I have been researching the development, evaluation, and diffusion of mental health promotion and risk factors prevention interventions during the life course, such as those focused on child mistreatment prevention for first-time parents, dating violence prevention for adolescents, the meaning of life and forgiveness for young adults, occupational stress management for adult workers, and retirement planning for middle-age workers. Culturally-informed interventions that are socially valid, feasible, and scalable are some of my main interests, and reason why I have been increasingly incorporating participatory perspectives in the design of my studies. I am currently an Associate Professor at the University of Brasília (Brazil) and President of the Brazilian Association for Health Promotion and Prevention Research (2019-2020).