A Roadmap Co-Created by Caregivers on Navigating the Mental Healthcare Streams in Ghana and Their Intrinsic Challenges: Terminology, Conceptualizations, and Resources

Dr. Caesar Atuire (PI), Prof Ilina Singh and Kiran Manku are collaborating on this project funded by AfOx.

This project aims to support and empower families and caregivers in navigating pluralistic mental healthcare; and provide insight on local understandings of mental health. Through mapping, interviews, and focus groups, a multidisciplinary team will co-create outputs designed to have an impact across the academic, community, health service, and government sectors. Accessibility, belief systems, and individual demographics inform how individuals navigate mental health treatment options. In this follow-up project of the “Frameworks of attitudes towards mental health disorders in contemporary Ghana” study, we will develop a framework that supports the key decision-makers: families and caregivers. The primary outputs will be a peer support network and a roadmap that guides users in navigating the local mental healthcare options. The roadmap will be co-produced with healthcare providers and caregivers, to ensure that it is relevant and trustworthy.