Funders & Partners

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We rely on our funders and partners to ensure we achieve our main goal of establishing a world-class model for sustainable and integrated research, capacity-building, and training initiatives in the ethics of global neuropsychiatric research. We also provide funding for small empirical and bioethics research projects that follow the principles of NeuroGenE and align with our thematic areas of research.

Who Funds Us

NeuroGenE receives funding from the¬†Stanley Centre for Psychiatric Research at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, an EPSRC UKRI GCRF Networking Grant, the British Academy Youth Futures Programme, the Africa Oxford Initiative,…

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Who We Fund

NeuroGenE offers small grants intended to fund pilot projects, or small studies, which may later inform applications for multi-country networks of collaborative large and long-term research proposals. The aim is to fund original…

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