The Ethics for Mental Health Digital Innovation for Young People in Africa (EMDIYA) Network


The Ethics for Mental Health Digital Innovation for Young People in Africa (EMDIYA) Network is a group of expert Academics, Advisors and Consultants, Industry partners, Early Career Researchers, and Young People all focused on developing a robust framework for responsible and relevant digital mental health interventions for young people in African countries. This project puts diverse groups of young people at the centre of digital innovations aimed at their mental health in the African context to identify their needs and preferences. EMDIYA facilitates the sharing of knowledge about responsible and relevant digital tools among young people, ethicists, service providers (technology companies, mental health practitioners), and policymakers (guidance and standard operating procedures).

The Early Career Researchers (ECRs) and young people’s advisory group (YPAG) across Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, United Kingdom and Zimbabwe have created a Digital Campaign across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

This digital campaign is coordinated by Kiran Manku and steered by 11 ECRs and YPAG members across the 6 sites:  Dr David Ndiretu, Mr Datsun Bazekeeta, Dr Tafadzwa Mindu, Dr Tinashe MuteroMr Bernard AkotoDr Winnie Cele, Ms Joy Mirembe, Ms Tatenda KujekeKudzai Diana Kanyere, Mr Steven Tapi, and Mr Samuel Gbolo.

The team of 29 ECRs and YPAG members across the sites, with the support of the steering group, have created videos, comics, and infographics on the ethics of digital mental health. The digital campaign makes information on digital mental health accessible, contextual and engaging. The aim is to create informative and engaging posts for young people, academics, developers, and policymakers. The posts cover: mental health, digital mental health innovations, regulations, ethics, EMDIYA, and recommendations.


Introductory video


Mental health


Sarah, an early career researcher #ECR in #EMDIYA talking about #mentalhealth across #Africa and the potential for #DigitalMentalHealth innovations

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Digital Mental Health Innovations


Digital Mental Health Regulations


Ethical issues highlighted by young people on Digital Mental Health


Here’s what Tafadwza, #EMDIYA #ECR from SouthAfrica, has to say about the #ethical issues of digital mentalhealth. Do you agree?

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EMDIYA Engagement and Reflections




Joy, an #EMDIYA #ECR talking through some of the young peoples’ recommendations for digital #mentalhealth across Africa. Do you agree?

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